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FREE Music Download Titled - SEEKER FINDER
August 23, 2007 04:06 PM PDT
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More FREE Ethereal Music from Composer --- IF ---

This is my musical interpretation of the life of the most rare and unique man on earth;

and thus, I have titled this 9 minute Opus --- SEEKER FINDER

Send me an email - drop me a line - record your own message - any times fine.

Tell me what you think about my music - Tell SEEKER FINDER what you think about, well, anything you wish.

Our Immediate goal for this PodCast is 10,000 faithfully Subscribed & Downloading Listeners before December 31st, 2008.

Pass the word to all your most interesting and intelligent friends.

Looking forward to meeting you soon. Together, we will change the world to make of it a far, far better place for humans to spend their time. And this, in our life-time.

EPISODE 3 --- Spirit Reveals Location of Money
August 21, 2007 07:59 PM PDT
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Dear Friends, near and far, all around the world - to all of you in:

Canada, The UK, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Japan, South Africa, South America, India, and the ever increasing number of states here in the US ---
and if I've failed to mention your country, it's because the mapping system doesn't quite perform as we need it to. Write us please, and let me know of your location. We really want to know who is listening, and where in the world you live.
Humanity's Good Friend and dispenser of all things wise, SEEKER FINDER, has been unable to record his upcoming Episode, due to my failure. On top of everything else that's been going on, my Studio Computer isn't doing what it should. SF told me that all hell would come down on me for Publishing this PodCast, and was he ever right about that. But if this man could endure the many painful trails that he has throughout his amazing lifetime, I can certainly put up with this on his behalf --- and this, for the benefit of all the earth. Wouldn't you do the same, if the opportunity presented itself to you?
I'll tell you folks, through this process of getting his voice and knowledge out into all the World, I've learn more about the spirits of darkness in the past months then most people would ever know in a lifetime. --- But far more importantly, I have witnessed and learned a great deal more of how the Spirits of Light come to guide, instruct, and protect us from these evil spirits. How they work and act on our behalf, and help us recover from evil attacks like this. --- There's so much going on in the spiritual world around us that we are, for the most part, completely ignorant of. And those are the very things SEEKER FINDER is now here to share with the world, in the hope that together we can combat them, overcome their evil work, and recover from all of our present ills, to build a new world that is filled with love, wealth, safety and beauty.
So --- since we cannot yet record SEEKER FINDERs next Episode (which should be ready within the next week), I wish to offer you, one and all, my sincerest apologies for my personal, and my professional failings. That said, we are at peace, and we are winning this battle against the evil ones that are trying so hard to stop SEEKER FINDER and myself from delivering his message of a full, rich, spiritually alive life, to you and all the world.
Since this is a PodCast, and not a Blog --- I thought I just have to give you something in the way of Audio. So for the present, I do hope you will enjoy this selection taken from the 6 CD Audio Set (CD 2), recorded by SEEKER FINDER, as he tells yet another of the many astonishing stories of his youth, operating in the Spiritual Dimension.

August 07, 2007 10:44 AM PDT
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MYSTERIOUS WORLD - is the 3rd Track from the CD titled

IF - You Will

by Composer & Publisher of everything SEEKER FINDER, Rick Denny aka --- IF.

presented to our rapidly growing number of listeners from all over the world --- absolutely FREE.

Grab it now - and please, help spread the word, tell your friends and family to tune in for more of The SEEKER FINDER PowerCast.

These Tracks are available for download purchase through ASCAPs affiliate company, NIMBIT for only $.99. The entire CD is available for the "We Love You" Low Price of only $7.50, direct from IF Studios website. Find the link to IF Studios website here, down in the right hand column.

Blessings - and thanks for partnering with us in this life and world altering effort.

Episode 2 - Chapter 2 - Part 1
August 06, 2007 09:02 AM PDT
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SEEKER FINDERs unique life exposed for the first time:
The miracle baby ---The first child to come to term after his mother had suffered 11 miscarriages.
He would not discover until he reached the age of 25, that he was, unwittingly, in league with demonic spirits that had as their dark purpose, leading him astray in an attempt to steal from him, and the world, his true life's purpose and calling. His destiny.

Episode 2 - Chapter 2 - Part 2
August 06, 2007 08:43 AM PDT
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In this Chapter, I begin unfolding for you the details of how my life in the spirit realm had begun and taken form.

The spirit's that came to me in my youth, told me they were the spirit's of my dead baby brother's, that I should pray to them. I did as they instructed. They gave me certain power's, which I put to use. Beginning here, I will share many details as we progress together.

Episode 2 - Chapter 2 - Part 3
August 05, 2007 08:56 PM PDT
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Here in Chapter 2 - Part 3 begins laying out examples of spiritual conflict and contrast that are taking place, all around the world, all of the time, even in your personal life.

Episode 2 - Chapter 2 - Part 4
August 05, 2007 08:36 PM PDT
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Is moved by the Spirit to accept an invitation to attend "Little Hope Baptist Church." The pastor relinquishes his pulpet, and things really get stired up
Angels arrive, a man tells of his being miraculously healed of cancer in a religious institution that taught him all his life that physical healing is a thing of the past, and the Pastor is exposed and arrested for being an active pedaphile.

Episode 2 - Chapter 1 - Part 2
August 05, 2007 08:11 PM PDT
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From out of his vast experience both as an outside observer, and his 20 years as an insider in Christian Ministry circles, he lays the foundation in this PowerCast of the contrast between the true life in the Spirit and the life of the Religious Adherent; of the contrast between living a life of true love, of spiritual power and awakening, against the hypocracies inherent in the life of those bond by religious ideologies, and obedience to governing religious authority.

Episode 2 - Chapter 1 - Part -1
August 04, 2007 10:30 PM PDT
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Starts to heat things up.

In Episode 2 he begins to reveal his wealth of knowledge, insight and the innumerable experiences he has had throughout his 50 year life interacting with the spiritual beings that co-inhabit the earth.

In Chapter 1 - Part 1, he shares his insight into the spiritual dimension, of his experience with the spirits of both Light, and of Darkness, and the role they play in our human existance.

August 01, 2007 11:17 PM PDT
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LONE JOURNEY is the title track employed for the Intro & Entro in The SEEKER FINDERs PowerCast .

Delivered to you here in total & absolutely FREE

LONE JOURNEY is the first Track from IF's first CD release titled:

IF - You Will

All Tracks from this CD are available for Download Purchase individually,
or you may Download the entire CD for only $7.50 at:

---> IF STUDIOS Web Page

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